Information about support in education.

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This section includes information about Education & Support for children and young people with additional needs under 5 years old, Specialist Support Schools for children aged 5 – 19 years and post-16/19 education for young people.

We're aiming high for our city, and for our children and young people. We want to become a child-friendly city, and the best city in the UK for children to grow up in.

The vision of Children Services is that all children and young people do well at all levels of learning and have the skills for life. They enjoy learning in environments that give them confidence, knowledge, understanding and skills to thrive and achieve their potential. We believe through focussing on personalised approaches and removing barriers to achievement all children regardless of their learning difficulty or disability will be able to achieve high quality inclusive learning outcomes through our universal learning offer or, where appropriate, our specialist provision.

Policies and plans

  • Our Leeds Children and Young People’s Plan 2018-23 sets out the outcomes we want for all our children and young people. 
  • Our SEND and Inclusion Strategy sets out our shared plans to improve experiences and outcomes for children and young people with SEND, and those with additional needs. 
  • Our 3 A’s plan (Attend Attain Achieve) focuses on five priority areas: reading, attendance, SEND, wellbeing and transition, it is not for schools and settings to enact, but is designed to enable the local authority to direct our resources to supporting education settings in raising outcomes and making a difference for children and young people.
  • Our Future in Mind Strategy sets out how people are working together to improve mental and emotional health for children and young people.