Parents and carers

Listening and responding to the voice of parents and carers.

Listening to and responding to the voice of the child” is one of the 4 key behaviours that underpin our citywide approach to supporting children and young people and encouraging children and young people “to be active citizens who feel they have a voice and influence” is one of the 5 outcomes as detailed in the 2018-2023 Children and Young People’s Plan. We are proud to work towards the citywide ambition to become a ‘child friendly Leeds’ – the best city to grow up in. 

The SEND Code of Practice states effective participation should lead to a better fit between families’ needs and the services provided, higher satisfaction with services, reduced costs (as long-term benefits emerge) and better value for money. Local authorities should work with children, young people and parents to establish the aims of their participation, mark progress and build trust. They should make use of existing organisations and forums which represent the views of parents – and those which represent the views of children and young people directly.