Child Friendly Leeds Wishes

Our vision to be a child friendly city.

The voices and views of children and young people are at the heart of making Leeds a child friendly city.

When Leeds first set out its vision, we listened to the ideas of thousands of young people of all different ages. They told us what they thought would make Leeds a better city for them to play, live and grow up in and their feedback was grouped together to form our 12 wishes.

Celebrating its 10th birthday in 2022, Child Friendly Leeds has reviewed the feedback from local and city-wide consultations, surveys, and ballots over the last 3 years, capturing the views of 80,000 children and young people in the city to identify the current top issues and priorities.

The Child Friendly Leeds team and Voice Influence and Change team then worked in partnership with children and young people from Leeds Youth Council, BARCA, SEND Youth Forum, Youth Service, as well as Swillington Primary and Parklands Primary School to develop the wishes for a new generation of children and young people in the city.

You could use these to think about things that you and your organisation could do to make a difference. The Child Friendly Leeds wishes can be found here:

Child Friendly Leeds 12 Wishes

Child Friendly Leeds wish 12

Leeds in an inclusive city for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. 

Children and young people feel there is more awareness and understanding of different disabilities and that there are more activities and places to go that are accessible to all. 

What we are doing in Leeds

Raising awareness of disabilities

  • Young people have developed resources to raise awareness of disabilities. 
  • Young people are developing ‘how to communicate with young people with SEND’ eLearning that will be available to professionals across education, health, social care and third sector organisations. 
  • Leeds City Council are working in partnership with Town Centre Securities to develop artwork with young people to raise awareness of disabilities. 

More activities and places to go that are accessible to all 

  • Information about accessible activities and free play spaces is available on the Leeds Local Offer website under things to do. 
  • Leeds City Council delivered a SEND activity day in July 2023 that provided the opportunity for students with SEND to try out different activities and sports available to them in the city. Leeds Trinity University will be running this event in 2024. 
  • Scope Activities for All are commissioned by LCC to deliver the activities for all contract. This includes; working with providers to achieve the Scope Inclusive Activity Award and working with families and providers to ensure their activity / group is inclusive for the young person. 
  • Children, young people and parents and carers are involved in the commissioning of short breaks and fun activities in Leeds. 

Raising awareness of disabilities – resources

Resource - raising awareness of disabilities and how to support young people

The SEND Youth Council have worked together to create a booklet of various journeys and challenges of young people with SEND to help you help us!

The resource is not just about knowing how you can support young people, but to understand how we might perceive and feel during these experiences.


Click here to download the resource. 

For further information or any questions about the resource please email

Workers who support us - a resource for services developed by students with SEND in Leeds

Students from specialist schools took over the SEND Partnership Board on the 29th November 2022. Students spoke about the different workers who support them in the lives and what qualities they feel are important for these workers to have.

This resource has been developed by students from Broomfield South SILC, West SILC, East SILC and the SEND Youth Forum to enable teams and services to understand what qualities are important to young people for workers to have.

Ways you can use the resource:

  • share with colleagues
  • in the recruitment process
  • training for staff.

Click here to download the resource.

For further information or any questions about the resource please email

Raising awareness of disabilities through artwork

A partnership with Child Friendly Leeds, Leeds Youth Voice and Town Centre Securities on a project to promote and raise awareness of disabilities.

  • Aim: to raise awareness of disabilities in the voices and ways young people want to.
  • Vision: a long-term vision is to work with an artist to develop artwork with young people to raise awareness of disabilities.
  • Outcome: a campaign with digital and printed displays around the city in key locations.

Project update

During the months of October and November 2023; 49 young people from 5 different settings developed artwork and written words to share what is unique about them, and what they would want others to know about their disability.

The artwork has been shared with a designed, and the final displays will be launched in May 2024.