Transitions Support

Transitioning in education.

Life for adults is different to life for children, which may include moving to adult services if you have care and support needs. It is important that you have the right information at the right time to make sure you’re preparing for adulthood.  

From year 9 (age 13 – 14) preparing for adulthood conversations should begin at school, which should include: 

  • what jobs you might like to do when you're an adult 
  • your options for education or training 
  • your future goals 
  • where you might want to live and how to be as independent as possible 
  • things you want to do in your community, like your hobbies, interests, and meeting friends 
  • how you're going to be as healthy as possible 

This page will provide you with information on transition, including support that may be available. 

Transitions Support

Transitioning to Higher Education

Welcome to Go Higher West Yorkshire’s Disabled Learners’ Higher Education Transition Pack!

This resource has been designed to support you on your own journey into Higher Education (HE).

Making decisions about your future has never been easy and there is lots of information out there which can be overwhelming. We hope that this transition pack will help you to easily access information about the timelines, processes and support to enable you to progress into a destination of your choice.

We understand that starting HE is a big step, one that often begins a long time before you finally arrive there. For many students who have received support or adjustments at school or college the transition to university can be confusing and hard to navigate, not least because the language and terminology used about Special Educational Needs (SEN), disability and support is very different. This can prevent some students from accessing the support they need.

Click here to access the transition pack.

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